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New Cars & Fabrication

Bat Racing cars are designed in South Africa for our local conditions and championship, that’s why they’ve won six of the last eight championships.

Should you require further info on a new race car or repairs to an existing car please contact us.

 Motorite /Bat Racing History

Motorite Racing teamed up with Kartek and Bat Racing in 2011 again and have become the official manufacturer for Bat Racing Cars. Motorite Racing and Evan Hutchison have had a close relationship with Bat Racing since its inception in 2001 where Evan worked with Nick Jooste on the build of the first Bat Spec 0.

Motorite Racing won their first championship in 2005 in a Spec 0 class B built by Evan Hutchison.

Motorite Racing then commissioned the built of two Bat Spec 2’s from Achim Bergmann in 2006 - which they won the Championship in.

Motorite Racing then commissioned the built of two Bat Spec 3’s from Achim Bergmann in 2007 - which they then won the Championship in again.

Motorite Racing’s next car was built by Achim Bergmann but not under the Bat banner.

Motorite Racing then moved back to the Bat camp in 2012 building their own Bat venom, which they won the championship in again.

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